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Best Algo Trading Platform in India

Algo trading is becoming increasingly popular among traders these days. Because of its benefits, numerous people in India have developed multiple software for Algo trading. Even though there are several options, we must select the best one available for our needs. As we all know, items on the market do not always satisfy the necessary criteria. We must appropriately assess them and choose the best one. As a beginner or a professional trader, it is crucial to evaluate the best Algo trading platforms available in the market. Algo trade India does not rule out the traditional rules. It gives traditional trading a modern spin with Algo trading platforms. A good example would be Hem Securities. This brokerage house offers a user-friendly Algo trading platform that provides many products and services. 

Though Algo trading has certain drawbacks, like technical flaws, using the best platform may not be prone to such loopholes. On the contrary, algorithmic trading might provide you with certain trading benefits. The main advantage is that traders can keep their emotions out of the trading process. Here, you will learn about India’s best Algo trading platform in detail. 

Hem Securities: Background

Hem Securities is a financial service provider having 40 years of experience in the Indian stock market. This company serves as a digital Algo trading platform with a user-friendly interface. It promises to deliver meaningful insights to the traders to yield positive results. Also, Hem Securities have been awarded the Top Performing Merchant Banker. Hem Securities trading platform hosts many products and services to enhance the trading experience of novice and professional investors. 

Algo Trading with Hem Securities

Algo trading or Algorithmic trading is considered the future of the stock market world. Hem Securities is a platform that makes Algo trade in India seamless. Its top-notch team of experts has designed this platform. It facilitates even a beginner can use all of its products. Today, machine/Algo trading accounts for more than 60% of all volumes traded on Indian stock exchanges. At Hem Securities, clients access the most up-to-date and best-fitting technology. In that vein, India’s most top-notch Algo trading solutions are complete with bespoke strategy formulation and low latency trading.  

Algo Trading Solution – Hem Securities 

The Algo trading solutions offered by Hem Securities are as follows:

Ready-to-use Algo for retail and professional traders

Hem Securities offer ready-to-use Algo for both inexperienced and seasoned traders. It allows quick and timely access to stocks. They can save a lot of time and money for stockbrokers who may offer an error-prone evaluation. 

Investment basket managed by industry leaders

A basket is a grouping of many securities (e.g., stocks, currencies, etc.) that have a common theme or meet particular requirements. A sector exchange-traded fund (ETF), for example, may hold a basket of companies from the same industry. With its group of experts, Hem Securities helps investors and traders trade effectively with their choice of drives. 

Custom Algo strategy development

Building and using customised algorithmic trading software is the ideal growth plan for an experienced trader. The programme outperforms people in algorithmic trading by reducing mistakes and improving speed. To automate trading activities, the following tactics may be executed with the assistance of AI- and ML-powered software. It is entirely up to you to decide which strategy to implement in the software. Hence, Hem Securities has developed an Algo trading platform to help traders navigate and trade in the best possible way. 

Complete API Connectivity 

Hem Securities ensures complete API connectivity so that the traders and investors can perform easy trading on its portal. Its connectivity elements include equity capital markets, dashboard, live portfolio tracking and analysis, advanced charting options, screeners and scanners, etc. 

Hem Securities Algo Trading Solutions in India – Features

The Hem Securities Algo trading platform features are:

  • Predefined risk and returns parameters
  • Top-notch Greek-based option strategies
  • Fully customised strategy curation and execution
  • Backtest trades before opting for actual positions
  • Personalised support via Algo desk
  • Algo strategies for both directional and non-directional traders
  • Paper trading mode
  • Possibility of managing and trading in multiple scripts within one click

Products provided by Hem Securities 

Hem Securities provide a wide range of products for traders in India. 

Trade Star

Trade Star by Hem Securities is a next-gen app for millennials. It is sleek and super easy to use. Trade Star is suited for investors and traders of all kinds. Furthermore, its technology helps individuals navigate and trade most conveniently on the go. 

Web Trader

The Web Trader of Hem Securities allows traders in India to exchange Forex from any program and working framework (Linux, Windows, Mac) without any extra programming. With this product, you can access your record and indulge in exchanging at your fingertips. Web Trader further provides the users with benefits of the local arrangement since it is a classic piece of work. This assures the web stage’s high similarity and dependability with the whole Web Trader. This product comes with certain features, including dynamic product configuration, market protection percentage for MCX, MCXSX, Multiple layouts of portfolio summary, and single sign-on for trading and Back Office. 

Mutual Fund Planner 

The Mutual Fund Planner helps new and seasoned investors invest in the right areas. It is vital for you as an investor to put your money in the right place. Hem Securities’ Mutual Fund Planner simplifies the process. This tool assists you in determining your risk tolerance and, consequently, investing correctly.

Hem Back Office and Branch Back Office are other essential tools of Hem Securities Algo trading platform. 
Algo trading is the future of trading in India. And to make the process super easy and exciting, different brokerage houses are now coming with their Algo trading platforms. Hem Securities is also one of them, delivering high-end Algo trading solutions to retail and professional traders. Besides offering Algo trading solutions, Hem Securities also provides investment banking, broking & depository, Portfolio Management services, etc.


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