By: Hem - 25-Mar-2022

Reasons Why Businesses Must Seek Hem Financial Services

Financial services help expand economic opportunities. Read on to know how.

Financial services — An overview

The financial services industry in India is diverse, comprehensive and growing rapidly owing to the availability of customised financial solutions and an array of service providers, such as Hem Securities Ltd.

We are India’s leading and most awarded SEBI-registered Cat-I merchant banker with 40+ years of experience in the equity markets. Both, our expertise and experience puts us in a formidable position when it comes to offering financial services to start-ups, mid and large-scale corporates. Our financial services suite comprises the following:

#1] Promoting Investment

Businesses may need capital for an existing or oncoming project or to expand services. In such scenarios, investment banking services, from Hem Securities Ltd. could help by raising capital through sale of stock or bonds, or by arranging private placements. Additionally, Hem Securities Ltd. can navigate businesses through the process of a merger or acquisition.

 #2] Minimizing Risks, Maximizing Returns

Hem Securities Ltd. has the expertise to improve business returns, offer risk mitigation strategies and help them avoid costly investment mistakes through portfolio management services. Some tried and true tips include:

  • Managing a good combination of equities and bonds in the portfolio
  • Diversifying income to avoid bankruptcy
  • Choosing between small-capitalization companies or large-capitalization companies, as per requirement
  • Managing expenses
  • Ensuring superior asset allocation

#3] Funding start-ups

One key criterion of any start-ups’ success is obtaining adequate funding to start and flourish at the opportune time. Hem Securities Ltd. can come to aid through angel financing. Angel investors invest in early-stage businesses, funding late-stage technical development and early market entry. Since September 2020 Hem Securities Ltd. has closed 16 deals, raised ₹25 crores and have 2,000+ investors.

 #4] Securing growth

Businesses could leverage Hem GrowthX, a global strategic partnership program that provides exponential financial growth opportunities to MSMEs, start-ups and High Net worth Individual (HNI) clients.

Hem Growth X partners could enjoy diverse benefits, such as:

  • Revenue sharing in success fees
  • Additional income source from existing clients
  • An expanded network
  • Participation with marquee investors
  • Promotion in social media website and mailers.
  • Client interaction through knowledge sharing events/seminars
  • Recognition in press release activity of successful mandates
  • Access to pitch days, conclaves, business seminars, and so on

To conclude

We hope you would have got a fair idea of how financial services could catapult your company to greater heights. In your journey of growth, you need an able financial service provider, such as Hem Securities Ltd. that could offer you personalized consultancy and expert opinions.

 We are an investment banking company in India with a presence in 112 cities, a portfolio of 200+ successful deals across SMEs and start-ups and a network of 125K retail and institutional investors. To know how we could help your business, consult us today.



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