By: Hem - 12-Mar-2021

Why join HEM Angels Network?

Before we discuss anything about Hem Angels Network, let’s shed some light on who are angel investors? In layman’s terms, angel investors, also known as seed investors, are individuals who help small businesses and entrepreneurs with the capital needed for their early start-ups or expansion.

What’s in it for the investors you ask?

In the world of start-ups, these investments can yield higher returns anywhere from around 25% to 60%. Challenges faced by Angel Investors Being an angel investor and financially backing business is not a cakewalk and has challenges too that hinder their capacity to support. There are tons of challenges that can be listed from an investor’s point of view. But let’s look at some of the common ones.

One of the most initial challenges faced by any potential investor is selecting the business that best suits their needs. How to screen for the most suited & genuine business looking for funds when you are overwhelmed with dozens of responses from companies. It’s certainly a time-consuming task when you want to avoid falling into a trap.

The other challenge faced by seed investors is declining investments to cold portfolios. Saying NO is the right thing to do though may sound harsh for some. As the screening of these start-ups may take a lot of investor’s time, the need for proper set-up is required.

Tracking your investment is another challenge when you have large-scale investments in several start-ups. What is an Angel Investors Network? As the name itself suggests, angel investors network is a term used for a network or a group of angel investors. Unlike venture capitalists who entrust more on a mature star-up with an established track record. Angel investor network has proven to be a saviour to these start-ups who are yet to find their feet in the market.

Why should angel investors join an Angel Investors Network?

One of the main reasons for joining the network is that their shared goal. Connecting with like-minded investors with pool resources and expertise eliminates most of the challenges faced by solo investors. The expertise and pool resources that investors bring with them can be of immense value.

Apart from serving as a life-jacket for potential start-ups, these networks are widely spread across the country. Further, providing an opportunity to recognize even small start-ups that have huge potential to make it in the Indian market. The biggest advantage of joining a network is recognizing various potential businesses however small they may be.

Sharing diligence work among your network partners is another advantage of being a part of such a group. The input investors receive from such a collaborative operation can really help them screen business better hence saving time.

Dividing ownership stake among angels through the network may seem a feasible thing to do if your aim is to protect your capital. Why HEM Angels Investor Network is the right choice for you? HEM Angels Investor Network is not a boutique network but a complete financial powerhouse. Powered by HEM Securities Limited, HEM network is a multi-award-winning funding platform that has raised billions for companies through IPO, private equity, M&A & start-up funding. With its agnostic understanding of varied sectors, HEM has been mentoring growth through its comprehensive funding services.

Why HEM?

With 4+ decades of experience working with some diverse clients has enabled us to deliver our services in the most comprehensive way. The testament to our capabilities is our presence in 21 states & 112 cities. Our dedicated team of staff coupled with knowledge, research, and experience in Investment Banking has managed to drive results to our diverse clientele. Furthermore, HEM has managed to raise 500+Crore in the last 5 years, which only goes to show our ability to provide maximum results. With a legacy of over 4 decades, our deep connection with investing communities including Funds, Ultra HNI’S Family Offices, Angel Investors & Corporates speaks volumes about our achievement in the investment banking sector. Key features of HEM Angels Investor Network:

  • Curated Deals • Reasonable Valuation with top founders
  • Quality Management with experience
  • Start-up screened for a Proof of Concept
  • Unique ideas with scalable business potential in a reasonable time frame How does it work? Investing in a new-age start-up involves mainly 3 simple steps including Pre-Screening, Post-Investment & Exit.

With our multi-award-winning services, HEM has always facilitated one of the most seamless processes of pre-screening which involves thorough assessments, deal closure,assessing the network members’ interest, due diligence, etc. Next comes the process after an investment which includes sharing timely information with investors and to protect their rights. In our best effort to facilitate the seamless process, HEM has curated various investment avenues an investor can choose to invest such as VC Funds, PE Funds, Family Offices, Ultra HNI, and Corporates.

HEM Angels Investor Network has carved a niche for itself when it comes to catering to varied industries. With years of experience, our key interest lies in the industries like Fintech, Edtech, Healthtech, and Digital Transformation. Other sectors we cater to includes Gaming, SAAS, Marketplace, Aggregator, Ecommerce, Logistics, Pharma, Personal care, Consumer durables & more.


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